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gym flooring


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I want to put some rubber flooring down in a room that im doing and i didn't really want horse matts beacause i don't like the grooves/ dimple finish. Ive seen that a few folk on here have been lavish enough to build a gym room so thought I would ask what flooring they went with and if they would choose it again.


ive seen this interlocking stuff which seems a better idea than the usual jigsaw puzzle stuff. but im wondering if its a pig of a job to fit.

Rubber Gym Floor Tiles | 2 Mat Pack of Heavy Duty 14mm Interlocking 900 x 900mm | eBay



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i think i know the stuff you mean, it usually has a coloured fleck so its not completely black. they had that in a gym i used to go to and in the summer it expanded and left load of big bubbles to trip over. my chain of thoughts is that these would be less likely to curl up at the corners if the clipped together but i can see it being a pain to fit if the manufacturing tolerances are on the slack side. 


they say to just slap it down over whatever is underneath with no gluing required.

when you say you glued  it do you mean all of it or just the edges like fitting linoleum flooring? or like you were sticking down a rubber roof never to come off again.


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