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New door water ingress


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New door fitted. Fixings vertically through frame, through steel lintel above door, through cavity tray above that and fixed into masonary sitting on cavity tray. Now water running down fixings into frame above door and into inside of house.


Whilst I now read this is normal fixing practice, to drill through lintel and cavity tray, how does this fit with building regulations regarding cavity tray.


What is the solution?


Any advice appreciated.

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You would have thought so but the door and window company did just that a practice they tell me they have been doing for 20 years.


It is an expensive well known make of door and can only be bought via and installed by authorised installers.


I am waiting for their decision on how to rectify.

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No advice......maybe another question.


How do you fix brackets to the plastic frame so that the brackets can be secured to the steel lintel supporting the inside blockwork that does not have a cavity tray as I expect fixing it this way would be fine.


Is this the recommended practice thus avoiding fixing through steel lintel supporting outside brickwork and of course the cavity tray immediately on top of the steel lintel and brickwork on top of that.


Hoping for a advice.

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