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Extractor fan in bathroom


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My late husband started installing this bathroom extractor fan but I now need to finish it.

Please can someone tell me what I need to bye ( preferably a with photo) to finish the job? It's a rectangle vent in the soffit but that's all I can tell you I'm afraid 



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In terms of ducting, if the fan is being mounted on the sloped ceiling, something like https://www.screwfix.com/p/manrose-round-to-rectangular-connector-elbow-90-bend-adaptor-white-100mm/96549 but you will probably need to cut the existing bit down with a multi tool.  You need a 4" fan with a timer, plus 3 core and earth wiring which is normally taken from the light.  The skeilings need insulating before they are plasterboarded.

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'The skeilings need insulating before they are plasterboarded.!

Sorry, don't understand this part? Is that a typo?


I think he intended for the ducting to turn 45⁰ (from the photo i posted) and run horizontal on the ceiling joist in the attic and then turn 90⁰ down through the ceiling into the bathroom/fan

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