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Cover over ditch?

Alan Ambrose

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Along the front of our plot, there's a little ditch (which I've only ever seen dry) and some bits of 300mm plastic culvert with a bit of hardcore thrown over where the entrance to the plot is. This is also the end of the ditch as we're on the top of a very, very shallow hill. Extract from topo below - see the bit marked 'ditch' and 'line of u/g pipe'. It drains to the left/west.


I think we have to re-make the entranceway to support concrete trucks etc and I'm wondering whether we should just fill in the ditch entirely after ensuring we have adequate drainage there - maybe with 300mm concrete culvert instead of plastic with junctions for french drains etc from the driveway.


Can we do this with minimum official faff? If not, I plan to just redo what's there already and re-instate with a tougher make-up. Any thoughts?

Front Entrance & culvert.JPG

Topo - Front Entrance.JPG

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