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Corner plot dropped kerb


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Just after some advice please and opinions. 

We are on a corner plot and looking at creating a driveway on the front of our property. 

Checked with the council and it doesn’t need planning as it’s on a non A road etc but reading the document the council have sent after my enquiry it looks like I need 4.8m from house to the pavement for them to agree. I also need to take into account the corner and be 10m from the edge of the kerb. 
I’m 10cm short on the 4.8m. 



Do I even have a chance in getting this approved or am I wasting my £200 inspection fee? 

We’d remove all hedges to improve visibility etc and every single house on the corners on our road have driveways shorter and closer to the junction than ours. I know this isn’t relevant but surely it sets some sort or precedent?

I’ve attached pic of the next corner down the road and rough drawing of our plot





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