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  1. Thanks everyone. We get on with the neighbours so hopefully there won’t be any issue (fingers crossed)
  2. We are planning a loft conversion and dont know if we need a party wall agreement or not. The architect said it depends on the SE drawings and I’m waiting a response from him as to the position of the steels. I’ve attached the drawings but I’ve never seen drawings like these before so no idea what I’m looking at? can anyone help advise me pls? thanks in advance G&J Dwg 4652-GA-02.pdf
  3. Even if it was permitted development it would have required building regs so have a search for that instead of planning permission.
  4. Thank you. Sounds like I’m being impatient. I’ll give it a few more weeks and ask my architect to Chase it. Thanks for the responses
  5. Not sure tbh but I got the request to pay the fee so know it’s definitely been submitted.
  6. Does an application for a lawful development certificate take the same amount of time as a PP application does anyone know? My architect submitted it on the 6th October and it’s still not even showing on the portal? Thanks
  7. I’m after a structural engineer for a single side extension and hip to gable loft conversion in Stockport. We used two different architects for the plans and both have asked their SE’s for quotes but they haven’t bothered responding. Anyone know of any decent ones and what ballpark figure would I be looking at?
  8. You may find that the planners will only grant permission for a double if a certain distance is kept from the boundary. We had a similar predicament and the planners wanted 2m from the boundary meaning we could only extend 2.2 metres for the double storey. We got planning for a single and are hoping to do a hip to gable for the additional bedroom. This is currently with the planners for LDC. worth checking the rules on the councils website about the distance needed and look at similar properties on corner plots. Each council is different so you may be ok. Good luck
  9. Thanks. That’s how I interpret the rules. I’m keeping everything crossed
  10. Thanks I’m hopeful it is. Suppose now it’s been submitted we’ll find out one way or another. We’ve been looking at lots of options to extend the living space and this is the best option due to planning not liking the idea of a double storey extension to the side. Hopefully we’ll get the LDC through ok.
  11. Thanks. It’s more frustration that neither architect can give me a definite answer and it’s likely to end up costing me money.
  12. Hi all. Just after some advice pls and opinions. We are in the process of planning a hip to gable loft extension with dormer and am getting conflicting advice if planning permission is needed. We live on a corner plot and the architect we have gone with advised that we don’t need planning but has advised to get a certificate of lawful development anyway. His initial advice was that planning was needed but when checking the guidance changed his mind. “As per my voicemail this morning, I mis-advised you yesterday; having checked the technical guidance of the permitted development rules, the side dormer or hip to gable conversion does not need planning permission - only extensions beyond the plane of a roof on the principal elevation require planning. That's different for ground/first floor extensions however, hence my initial advice. I always encourage my clients to obtain a 'Certificate of Lawful Development' even where planning is not required as that gives you proof in future that the works were carried out lawfully” We had a different architect do drawings for our extension and had him also quote for the loft but he was very expensive so didn’t go with him for the loft. He’s doing some amendments to our current side extension but has just said that we need planning permission if we go ahead with the loft and sent me this. We’ve literally just submitted the app for the certificate and tbh I’ll be pretty fed up if we need planning but who is right? I don’t fancy getting 6 weeks down the line to be told we need planning after all. thanks