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Velux Electric Blind Issue


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I wanted to see if anyone else has had the same issue as me on new electric blackout blinds (that are official Velux branded ones so not a third party brand).

Due to how long my self build took the electric blinds have been in storage for a few years now and therefore out of warranty annoyingly but both have never ever worked - no life whatsoever. Electric has been tested inside the unit itself and it's definitely receiving a live feed. The electric Velux window itself works fine opening/closing etc.

On the blind it has a reset switch to try and rematch the remote control to it (which is what i had to do with the window remotes) but I have a feeling it's the reset button itself that the problem may lie. It switches so freely loose on both blinds that it's almost as if it's not even connected to anything internally so it does nothing to reset like you would expect. It doesn't click or lock into place if that makes sense - it almost falls off it's so loose. I wasn't sure if that's normal on all of them? I don't know if I received a faulty batch, it just seems odd that both are doing exactly the same thing.

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Not quite the same issue but we have 2 Velux Integra Solar-powered 3G GGL MK06 windows on our landing. They were put in during our build in 2017. One of the batteries has just packed up. Although some fitters can replace just the battery, I decided to change the entire 'kitset' comprising, battery, motor, solar panel and rain monitor - at £214 a pop. I've decided to add a solar blind at the same time.


I was hoping they would last longer than they have. I'm regretting not putting in a 240v power supply as that would have been less prone to problems. The other issue we had was finding a contractor (I'm too old now to shimmy up ladders...). I called/emailed 8 firms from the Velux certified fitter list. Only 2 replied. One said they weren't quoting for new work, and the other wanted 2k to do the lot! Going to get the original roofer back to do it.


Great windows but not cheap to keep them going!

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I'm in the market for an internal blackout blind for a Velux GGL UK04 206621U 134cm x 98cm which is powered by our mains supply.

I had hoped this was a simple case of buying a compatible official Velux blind from one of the many online suppliers, but I'm now concerned reading the above.

Any good experiences to balance out the negative ones above?

Given its internal, I'm hoping to install myself, though it would be a simple DIY job, though query how to wire in the electrics to the electic control of the blind?

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