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New Door Tubular Latch Issue


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Good evening,


Started installing new doors today with XL joinery handle packs. The pack contains handles, tubular latch and handles. Can't find any fitting instructions unfortunately, but the handles don't return to horizontal, but droop at about 45 degrees. Will chase up with XL joinery tomorrow, but just hoping someone here may have some wisdom to share? 


I've tried several of the packs, and none of the latches seem to hold the handles in horizontal position. Has my chippie and me missed something obvious? 



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My builder told me to choose handles that have their own return spring and not rely on the spring in the latch to lift the handle. I guess he'd seen the problem before.


Google found..






If your door handle is not springing back correctly it is likely to be one of a few issues:


1. The fixings have been overtightened causing the lever bearing to bind against the door face, or causing the door to compress the latch mechanism inside the mortice and stop it from operating correctly. Loosen the screws slightly and operate the handles they should now return to the horizontal position.


2. The door handle springs mechanism is not properly lubricated, preventing the handle from springing back to horizontal. Remove the levers from the door and holding the backplate in one hand operate the handle.  If it is grinding or seizing apply a little grease and operate again to work the grease in to the mechanism.


3. The levers are not aligned with each other correctly, resulting in the spindle going through the door at an angle and therefore not operating correctly. Visually check and measure the alignment of the handles and refit if not true to horizontal or vertical.


4. The door latch is not springing back. The latch or lock has not been morticed into the door at a straight angle again putting the levers under stress and not letting the door handle spring back fully. Remove the levers and check the operation of the latch. Check alignment of the latch and refit if not true to horizontal or vertical.


5. The latch or lock mechanism is of inferior quality with a light spring action that is not sufficient to return the lever to horizontal, this can be the case with particularly good quality solid heavy levers. In general, a good place to start is to remove the handles and holding them in your hands check if they operate correctly.  If they are springing back ok then the issue must involve the fitting or the latch mechanism.




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