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  1. Thanks for all the comments, advice taken on board. Would there be a case for installing something like an iboost & Megaflo Eco Solar PV ready unvented cylinder for hot water only? Just looking to maximise what we can get out of the solar system, but appreciate there are limits to what we can expect to generate, particularly in winter.
  2. Thanks for the comments. As I see it then. Park the ASHP idea for the moment Increase insulation / air tightness. Likely to be more guidance required around this. Regarding the DNO, I'd assumed the solar installer would be checking compliancy, should I request evidence before proceeding? Disappointed to hear about the Aereco potentially being a poor option. Aereco was suggested as an option by the Energy Trust which shared with me a document indicating the same performance as an 80% heat recovery system. And although the complete install won't be cheap at nearly 5k to supply and fit, I understand it is still cheaper than an MHVR system. I have looked into an MHVR system from BPC, but even their approved installers don't won't to install it, citing quality issues.
  3. Good evening, I could really do with some of the expert help on here to point me in the right direction. Currently renovating a 1960 terraced house. Current plan is to install solar (5.46kp) and an Aereco dMEV system. Have been looking to add an ASHP but keep going round in circles whether its a complete waste of money in our circumstances. Currently running on a gas combi-boiler that's around 15years old, but doesn't seem to have any running issues. Main reason for installing ASHP would be to hopefully make use of the solar electric generated, and hopefully live as off grid as possible. We have had a heat loss survey completed as required by the ASHP companies we've contacted. which shows a Coefficient Of Performance of 3.68 and a peak heat load of 8.92kW and a recommended 12kW ASHP. The terraced property is approx 115m2. Are we completely wasting our time looking at ASHP as a viable alternative presently? I've read a few posts suggesting money would be better spent reducing heat loss further and to hold off on ASHP. We can definitely add more loft insulation and insulate the suspended ground floor. Are there any alternatives to ASHP which we could look at to make use of the solar generated power to heat our water or rooms and would suit our situation better? Thanks.
  4. Good evening, This forum has been a source of great information for quite a while. Currently trying to retrofit a terraced house, including solar, MEV and ASHP. We've been working hard to get at least three quotes for all jobs, which hasn't been easy given an apparently very busy time for all installers at the moment, and currently at an impasse with ASHP installers. We've had a heat loss survey completed and received our first quote for ASHP. If anyone is able to recommend an ASHP Installer in the Bristol area that would be really appreciated. Thanks.
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