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Electricity Disconnection for Demolition Mistake

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A warning to others not to make the mistake I did. I had a 3-phase connection to a building that was demolished to make way for the new build. I paid UKPN for a disconnection (£451) and am now looking to pay UKPN for a new connection (£2,441). If I had been wiser, I could have moved the connection for £1,345. I am going with a meter kiosk near the pole, so I could have just done that once saving £1,547, but even doing it twice to have the meter somewhere else after the build would have saved £202.


At least I saved a meter standing charge which would have added up to about £600, but I guess I could have had the meter disconnected and saved that.


£2,441 feels like a lot for a new overhead connection to a pole right next to a kiosk. It will take their engineer(s) about an hour I expect and it's probably less than £100 worth of cable and ducting needed.

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