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Plumbing - New Build - Split between Self Build vs Professional Services & Signoff


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I was thinking about the split between work I'd like the Plumber to do vs what I can do myself. I need to get a certificate of compliance with building regs which is pinned to the Plumbers PI insurance. This is in the Republic of Ireland. I would like to do some of the work myself but there's likely to be a split between what I'm allowed to do and what the Plumber will insist on so they make some money on the work and don't risk their insurance with work I do. 

The following are some of the tasks I have in mind and what I would feel comfortable doing vs the Plumber. This is primarily to save cost but also I'd enjoy the challenge doing some of this. 


I would welcome comments about what I should stay away from / what the Plumber should do. I know this is sometimes down to the relationship with the plumber, but assume there isn't a close one (not a mate):

  • Plumbing Design - drains etc - Plumber
  • Drain installation in Foundation Slab - Groundworkers / Plumber
  • Hot & Cold Pipe Plumbing - Plumber
  • Rainwater Harvesting Piping - Plumber (this RWH is a requirement by the local council)
  • Connection to Mains, Hot Tank (Heat pump monobloc installed by other) - Plumber
  • Wetroom installation - Me (This could be expensive otherwise but is likely to be contentious if I do it)
  • Tiling - Me
  • Fixture installation - Plumber
  • Commissioning & signoff - Plumber


At a high level that's what I'm hoping for. Supply would be mostly the plumber to bump their margins but some second hand stuff will be provided by me to save costs. Are there any items that I should look at doing or do I leave everything to the plumber but have to sink the cost somehow. There are options (no wetrooms at all or only 1 out of 4 or do later myself? 3 bathrooms and laundry room I was planning on tanking)


Thoughts? Thanks! 

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Ask who ever is signing off your house what paperwork they normally require from the plumber. I suspect they'll be confused by the question. 


So long as your place complies with the building regs it's unlightly anyone will ask for anything beyond that. 


The one thing I would get a plumber for is the gas connections for a split unit ASHP.  Everything else I would be happy to DIY. I redid all our DHW after the plumber made a mess of it. 


As for insurance I would far prefer to put my money into a good install and a really redundant design.


Ensure that every room where a pipe is jointed has a floor drain. You're half way there with wet room showers.  That way if a fitting fails when you're away for the weekend you'll just have to turn off the stopcock, mop slightly wet floor and replace a tap or T joint.


Far easier than chasing an insurance company for months to remodel the whole house. 



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