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Concrete Window Sill repair - Concrete or Epoxy? - Cost?

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Any thoughts on which repair would be better for the broken corner of this window sill?  Concrete or Epoxy repair?


Any other suggested repair RearBedroomSill.thumb.jpg.64733e056b47845f9b0b5dee58769a9a.jpgs?


I assume in both cases screws would be drilled into the sill and the new concrete or epoxy built around the screws.


Any ballpark cost for this repair?


Thanks ColinK



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I cast my own cills in situ last week, which looked very similar in dimensions. You could;

- knock off all the loose stuff

- screw a few short lengths of steel bar into the broken section, using epoxy resin

- build a mould around the cill (I just used a length of 4x2 for the base and 3x2 for the sides and stuck a length of draught excluder in the mould to act as a drip groove)

- mix up concrete, pour and float.


Cover with something overnight and you should be good to knock off the mould in the morning.



No idea how much it would cost to get someone in to fix it. I struggled to find anyone, possibly because I was changing windows too, but I suspect many these days would be trying to persuade you to take the window out and replace the whole cill. 

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On 08/05/2023 at 08:24, Dave Jones said:

did you post pictures of the finished article ?


Not any close ups but you can see them in the full-house shot in the thread I linked to. 

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