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Put 4 professional estimators to price a fully designed project for 4 specialst contractors and you will get a variation of perhaps 20%.

Allow for less well defined design methods, unknown (to them) site conditions and that could typically be another 20% variation.


A spreadsheet could be anything from one line.   "Provide building as drawn...£250,000", to many hundreds of items.

My own project spreadsheet had very broad items such as ....new concrete floor complete 310m2. @ £45,   Roof 310m2@  , rainwater drainage 110m.@  Plumbing and heating, sum £60,000 etc. 20 doors @ £200.   Etc..   About 100 items. Then add risk.

But you have to know what cost to put in each item.


Unless you have commercial construction knowledge i think someone elses spreadsheet could give a dangerous sense of security.


So, sorry, you can't have mine. 


Pay someone as above, but even then assume it is very approximate.


If you search here for £/m2 guidance you will find a vast range (£1500 /m2 to £4,000/m2.

Sometimes a conversion costs more than newbuild.


If you can share more specific info on a property then people here might offer guesses at the budget.


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