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Saffron BS and JCT Contract


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My mortgage advisor is in the process of getting us an agreement in principle from Saffron BS. They say that a JCT contract is mandatory for all builds above £200k (which ours is). We don't yet have a builder as we wanted to be a bit more confident in what we can afford before we go to tender, also not in a major rush but would like to get on! 


Anyway.. my question is can anyone shed some light/experience on getting a JCT contract? Is this a straight forward request for a builder? I don't want to go with Saffron and then find I am struggling to get a builder who can offer this. We can always apply to another BS if this is not appropriate for us.

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It may put off the smaller contractors 

But most established companies will expect to draw up a contract with detailed costings and timeframe 

Any builder that has a problem with this wouldn’t be worth employing 

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