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Opening up fireplace for log burner


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Hi, I’ve had my fireplace opened up to have a new log burner installed but the supporting lintel from back to front has been smashed out and only what looks like the equivalent of a baked bean tin put in beneath the front row of chimney breast bricks which is definitely ‘Dipping’ is this structurally ok/safe?



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I would suggest it needs a concrete lintel and because the clay liners have been broken it will probably need the chimney lining (although that's probably a good idea anyway).

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3 minutes ago, Glenda said:

Hi, thanks for reply, yeah I was intending on a liner but it’s the knocking out of the lintel and nothing put in it’s place that’s concerning me.

Looks like a piece of flat strip steel so it will not support the wall above it. Definitely needs a lintel. Had it been an angle section steel with the leg upwards behind the bricks then it would have been ok.

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