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Insulated blocks


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Just a heads up on sourcing these in Scotland. It’s been almost impossible to source insulated blocks from any manufacturer locally in Scotland. I tried 8 different building supplies companies. They all appear to be on short supply or they’d only deliver a full artic load whereas I only needed 8 pallets. 

I also struggled to get any company south of the border to supply them without me organising the haulage which was going to cost a fortune. In the end I managed to find a company in Scotland who agreed to bring them in from Ireland as part of their regular delivery as a favour. If your build requires insulated blocks get ahead of the sourcing problem by sorting it out early. It’s delayed finishing our foundation wall by a week. 

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I got mine from insulation hub, with free delivery to Elgin - H+H Celcon Standard Aerated Concrete Blocks 3.6N.


They got delivered by keyline Inverness, although they couldn't supply when I asked them a few weeks earlier.

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