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Thoughts on Secondhand French Doors?

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Just reflecting.


Yesterday I picked up a set of 1.2m x 2.1m Rosewood finish (I think) French Doors on Ebay for £130. They turn out to be 3 years old, replaced because the lady of the house wants white, and to be significantly good quality. But we brought them back on the car roof no problem. That is without the "french widow" or "pvc" mislisting mistake.




That is approx an 85% saving on the cost of a new white one for a nearly new brown one which would be 40% more.


I need another set for the other end of my leanto, but these could be a good option for self-build summerhouse as we tend to have access to some reasonable transport kit. There are lots of solid upvc front doors for next-to-nothing. Option for shed?


These patio doors - 2.4m wide by 2.1m high in Mahogany with side panels sold for £9.50 at about the same time. I am guessing because it will need a high top van or big trailer to transport, and because the listing was "pvc".




Would be good for a summerhouse or to save that 3-5k on bifolds.




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