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This is One where i have no doubt i will get told off. I don't mess with Gas, ever. Boom ain't my bag. However, i would like to think that i know a bit about the internal workings of a boiler. I will admit to taking off the odd boiler front. I admit i have changed diverter valves, pressure release valves, and heat exchanger plate. I would re-iterate that i never touch the gas, except to run my old gas sniffer around while it is open. Over the last few years, i've had a few probs with my daughters combi boiler, and i managed to make a cock up...... After replacing one of the above items, i had my footpump with me and thought i would check the pressure in the built in expansion tank.  (water expands when hot, so combi's have an expansion vessel to basically allow the water to expand when heated). The pressure was quite a lot higher than the 1bar stated on the side of the tank, so i let some air out...... A couple of weeks later my daughter said to my wife that when the central heating was on, it cut out after a while.... I scratched my head, and went around to try and see what was going on. The resting pressure was 1bar, but when the boiler had been on for a while the pressure rose to 3bar and the boiler cut out.  Scratched my head again, and twigged what i had done.  Now Nick will know exactly what i'd done but he is only allowed to slag me off for messing with a boiler. I thought the rest of you might like to have a guess. (Nice, the resting cold pressure is now 1bar, rising to 1.3 at 75degrees) The moral of the tale is, don't mess with boilers. Your daughter ends up cold and moaning.

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5 minutes ago, Big Jimbo said:

I did the pressure on the expansion tank when the boiler was full, and the heating was on. Yes i know. Twat.

Lol. Twat is a bit harsh, you penis.


The other favourite is closing the isolation valves to do the work, and forgetting to reopen them.


My least favourite was my neighbour asking if I could see why their combi had suddenly stopped working. Flame failure. 

Went out to check the flue, and the painter doing the outside had bagged the bloody flue and gone home for the day. Now HE was a real twat. ;) 

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My brain atleast kicked in , and i thought, hang on the pressure in the expansion vessel is set at the factory when built. Ther is no water in the boiler then. let alone full, with the heating on. If i'm going to slag Pocster off for his poor solweld exploits, i felt i had to admit.

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