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I learn from and enjoy contributors' progress reports. Not everything has to be a problem. 

So some progress from us.


Our first batch of windows went in. The easy ones that are all rectangular and into new build. 

A lot of units, installed in 1.5 days by our joiner and his 2 employees.

A few more doors and windows to come from the same supplier.

Timber with aluminium facing.


The upper area of the big gable feature,  the other complex windows (arches) and anything in the same rooms will be aluminium from a different supplier, who can cope ( we hope) with non-rectangular shapes.

BTW, that shed in the background is made of salvaged, reworked timber and corrugated cladding. All DIY and a satisfying project involving much of the family. It will house the water system, log store and perhaps a sauna one day.


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