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Which nails for a cut roof?

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Hi folks 


I will be constructing my cut roof fairly soon. Slate covering , cold roof. Using a nail gun with ring shank nails. What grade nails should I use and where? 


I was thinking HDG nails on everything covered like rafters and battens, stainless for anything exposed, fascia and soffit. I've not uses stainless nails before, do they fire ok? 


Copper nails for the slates , hand driven of course.







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Just get decent ones, zinc galv or stainless. Timco or Fisher do boxes at decent prices. Even the sheradised ones, which are not as good, I found, having sat in a damp garage for over 10 years, I noticed had no disenable corrosion on them. 


I cannot imagine you will have any by way of exposed framing nails. 


I never had an issue with SS nails, they work just the same in my gun.



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