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Bathroom advice for new build

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I’ve just completed the upstairs stud-partitioning for our new build. I’m going to line them with 18mm OSB before plaster boards.


Can anyone advise me on whether I need to line the walls with waterproof chipboard which I’ve put down for the flooring for the whole of upstairs as opposed to the OSB?


Also do I need a different plasterboard for the bathroom and en-suite and do the shower walls get lined with something else that I’m unaware of?


Any advice would be appreciated.











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Gypsum backer board outperforms most boards for shower rooms 

and is much easier to work with than cement board 

As a tiler I would use standard moister plasterboard in all wet areas 

Even wet rooms that are being tanked 

If water penetrates the tanking membrane It really doesn’t matter what is under there 


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