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Hi all,


SSEN has been very easy and quick to deal with so far. However, I have a question that while I've asked them they've said it's up to me.


It's my intent to run the supply up the boundary into a kiosk as the temporary building supply but intend doing it in such a way that I can make it permanent then run a  cable from there to the house protected by its own 80amp fuse. The distance from the pole to my proposed kiosk position is about 25m and the distance from the kiosk to the house is about 20m. SSEN have asked me if I want a low voltage mains cable or a service cable from the pole to the kiosk. I have asked why I would want one over the other and their explanation is really unclear and revolves around whether my proposed kiosk position really will be the final position for the meter or not. If it's the final position then a single phase service cable will be fine, if it isn't then it would be better fitting a mains cable now. Given where the pole is in relation to the house and given that a service cable is fine for the kiosk location (my wavey red line and circle) why wouldn't it also be fine for house? i.e. why do I need a mains low voltage cable from the pole to the meter at all if they are saying a service cable is fine for a permanent supply. My understanding is they will run a mains cable down the pole and then make a service joint for the service cable to the meter so I don't understand what difference it makes if the meter is in the house or the kiosk. 






site plan SSE.JPG

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The problem with a kiosk Is that Something is likely to run over it at some stage Especially where you intend to site it 

You probably won’t need much in the way of power till the house has a roof on 

Contractors will be fine with a geni till then


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There’s a particular reason for getting the power in early which I won’t go into here. My bigger concern is where the borehole is and it getting damaged. 

I visited the plot earlier and dug a few trial holes so I’ve changed my mind about putting it there now anyway so I’m just going to bring to the boundary from the pole. 

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