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Any (Long Term) Experiences with Zenith/Tufnol/Trespa (Solid/Compact Laminate) Worktops?

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I wonder if anyone has fitted Zenith or Tufnol or Trespa  (Solid/Compact Laminate) Countertops and has been using it for a few years now?!  (I know it looks wonderful once it's fitted, but I wonder how it performs after it's been used).

Are there any complaints (after a few years of usage) for
- marks/scratches on the top
- chips/breakage on the edges
- problems with undermount sinks
- problems with drainer grooves in the worktop
- or any kind of problems/complaints/regrets in the long run?!

I don't see many "Long Term" reviews,
 and I don't know if this is because this is a good product and there are now problems with it
  - or because there is some issue with it and most people choose a different kind of countertop to install.. :)  

Thx in advance!

P.S.: In some places this type of worktop is also called HPL or TUFNOL or TRESPA:
12.5mm thin, Zenith is made up of a black core created from layers of kraft paper impregnated with PHENOLIC RESIN, a decorative paper is then placed on either side along with an overlay paper and impregnated with melamine resin to create a durable, waterproof and stylish worksurface.

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I can't help with your question but I have also been looking at "paper composite" worktops eg Richlite, which sounds like it is much the same thing. They look really nice and I like the eco credentials, but even the marketing material says they "acquire a patina" over time, which sounds like PR speak for "soon look a bit shabby", so it would be good to hear from anyone who has used them.

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We had something similar in our last house. It did scratch, but they were very fine like you'd get in a stainless steel sink. Still looked great.

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