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Help with new outline application

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After gaining some really awesome advice on here previously, we are in the process of completing our application online via the planning portal.  An important point, we cannot gain pre-planning application advice, as South Lakes Council are no longer providing this as a service.

Our application is for 'Outline Planning with All matters reserved' for a single detached dwelling, on the site of an existing detached garage.  I just have a few questions regarding the application I wonder if you guys migh be able to help with.

Question 1 - The red box

Our desire, is to split our existing proeprty into two plots.  i.e to retain our existing property, and then once/if planning is approved to split the plot into two via a solicitor.....one containing our house, and the second containing the new house.  So my question about the red lines / on the applcation; should the red line be drawn around where the proposed new house will be, or around the entire area which will comprise the new plot. i.e the new house, its driveway, and garden?

Question 2 - Site area

The planning portal asks "What is the measurement of the site area? ".  As above, does this mean the area of the new proposed property, or the entire plot including its garden and driveway?

Question 3 - Drawing

As we are applying only for OUTLINE with ALL matters reserved, my understanding was that we only need to submit 2 drawings; 

Site plan
Proposed block plan

However, when starting the application online, the planning portal is asking for the following three as manditory;

Plans and drawings
Locatin plan
Block Plan Proposed

Does anyone know what I should submit in terms of plans and drawings, when this is just an outline planning application?

Thanks guys for any advice you can offer.

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I would show the redline of the current plot and a further outline for the proposed new plot.


You will need a location plan showing the plot in relation to nearby roads etc, as well as a site / block plan.


a 1:2500 and a 1:500 should be OK.

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It sounds to me like you want to draw a blue line around the entire area you own, and then a red line around the new plot you want to build within/sell.

The site area is the area of the plot. I’d put on the blue area and the red area measurement. CAD works the area out for you if you draw a poly line. 

I’d just submit the footprint of the house on the site plan, see if you can get away with it. 

You will need the Location Plan, and a Block Plan for sure. 


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