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  1. Regards access yes very good point. I have seen a few rejected on that basis locally. Sorry do you mind if I ask.... but I note that a planning statement is not a required document, but again some outlined applications do include a planning statement. do you think it is worht including one as an oppurtunity to mention access and some other points which might aid the planning officer?
  2. Thank you thats really useful. The local planning doesnt seem to have been impacted by the nutrient delay thankfully. Just out of complete curiosity, do you know why some people include drawings in an outline with all matters reserved application?
  3. We initially had some draft plans produced to build a 4 bed detached property, but have since decided to apply for 'outlined permission with all matters reserved' rarther than full planning permission. I have ben looking at other peoples all matters reserved applications, and notice that some of them include property elevation drawings. My understanding was that an all matters reserved application was to show location plans, and block plans....not elevations of the property itself. Can anyone clarify? Id sooner not include property drawings if it is going to increase the chances of any kind of rejection. Thank you
  4. Thanks Jilly. I have purchsed the 1.1250 and 1.500 documents from BuyAPlan
  5. Ok so I think I have answered my own question. Looks like my location plan doc is 1:1250, but my block plan needs to be 1:200 or 1:500.
  6. I'm currently putting together an application for a proposed new dwelling next to our existing property. Im slightly confused about site plans and location plans and wonder if someone might be able to untangle me? I have already producted a site location plan, and have worked to the following guidenace listed by my local council; Site location plan checklist scale of 1.1250 and noted PDF a4 size show north show at least 2 named roads postal numbers of some nearby properties application site edged in red, including landscaping access, access etc show ajoining land within the applicants control in blue (not applicable) What I am struggling with is the Existing Block Plan and Proposed Block Plan and how these differ from the location plan. Am I right in assuming that I can use exactly the same map I used for the location map (scale 1:1250)? My plan was to use the same location plan as I purchased, and then mark it up for the proposed new development, following this checklist; Be to a scale of 1:200 or 1:500 Show all existing buildings and structures, the garden and other open areas. Include details of all trees, eg position, spread and species (eg oak, ash, etc). Show the whole of the boundary of the property, indicating the position and height of all boundary walls and fences. Show the position and size of existing and proposed hard surfaced areas eg parking spaces, turning areas, paths, etc. Identify any buildings to be demolished. Identify trees to be felled. Show all roads/footpaths/public rights of way adjoining the site. Show immediate adjacent properties and buildings. Show the direction of north. I supposed in a nutshell my question is, can I use the OS plan I purchased for the location plan as a starting point for producing the existing and proposed site plans? Thank guys.
  7. After gaining some really awesome advice on here previously, we are in the process of completing our application online via the planning portal. An important point, we cannot gain pre-planning application advice, as South Lakes Council are no longer providing this as a service. Our application is for 'Outline Planning with All matters reserved' for a single detached dwelling, on the site of an existing detached garage. I just have a few questions regarding the application I wonder if you guys migh be able to help with. Question 1 - The red box Our desire, is to split our existing proeprty into two plots. i.e to retain our existing property, and then once/if planning is approved to split the plot into two via a solicitor.....one containing our house, and the second containing the new house. So my question about the red lines / on the applcation; should the red line be drawn around where the proposed new house will be, or around the entire area which will comprise the new plot. i.e the new house, its driveway, and garden? Question 2 - Site area The planning portal asks "What is the measurement of the site area? ". As above, does this mean the area of the new proposed property, or the entire plot including its garden and driveway? Question 3 - Drawing As we are applying only for OUTLINE with ALL matters reserved, my understanding was that we only need to submit 2 drawings; Site plan Proposed block plan However, when starting the application online, the planning portal is asking for the following three as manditory; Plans and drawings Locatin plan Block Plan Proposed Does anyone know what I should submit in terms of plans and drawings, when this is just an outline planning application? Thanks guys for any advice you can offer.
  8. Thank you guys that is all SO helpful. So from our perspective, in terms of gaining outline planning permission, it would be easier to go for ALL matters reserved, rather than SOME matters reserved....and let the people actually building the house after the buy the land deal with those matters?
  9. Thank you for the kind replies. Ill certainly be actioning some of these points. I am still struggling with the terminology of 'some matters reserved' and 'all matters reserved' and which of the two options we should choose. Does RESERVED mean that within your application you have agreed those 'matters', or is it the oposite. For example, if the application has 'Drainage' reserved, does that mean drainage needs to be revisted on a further application, or does it mean the matters of drainage are included in this application?
  10. My day to day job involves some pretty complex tasks. I'd like to think of myself as a fairly smart guy, and a faster learner.... but my god this planning application has got me beat! We have a small plot of land, that Im looking to get outline planning for, to simply sell with outline planning.....rather than just selling it as bare land. My initial thought was to put our ideas down, and have a pre-planning application meeting without the council, to discuss the best way forward, and understand the best type of persmission to seek. Sadly, South Lakes are no longer provider people with pre-planning advice, as they are short staffed. So this leaves me, as a complete newbee to this, slightly uneducated, and confused about the process. Im hoping some maybe be able to either take this on for us or offer advice. I have spoken to some local Architect practices...but their fees start at £4k for submitting outline planning....which we cannot jusitify or afford. As above, we are not looking to develop ourselves, just gain outline planning. The first decision we have to make is between outline planning with SOME matters reserved, or with ALL matters reserved, and Im unsure which we should do. Beyond that, as I understand it, we then have to submit a red-lined OS map showing location plot, complete the application form, and provide a design and access statement. The first thing we did a couple of months ago was have some draft plans for a 4 bed property on the site drawn, thking this was needed for outline planning, but I suspect this wont actually be needed these. If anyone can offer any advice on what would be the best way for us to proceed to gain outline permission, or indeed if anyone who can suggest anyone who could submit an application for us?
  11. Hello, We are just starting out on obtaining planning permsission, and I just wanted to get some clarification if anyone might be able to advise. I am new to this so please bear with me. So firstly our scenario: We are wanting to gain outline planning in order to sella plot of land which we own. We have no desire (or capability) of building the house ourselves. What I am unsure of is if we need ALL or SOME matters reserved. It seems ALL matters is quite complex in our local area. Including; Archaeological Assessment ̈ Biodiversity/Protected Species/Ecological Survey and Reports ̈ Biomass Boiler Assessment ̈ Construction Method Statement ̈ Contaminated Land Survey and Report ̈ External Lighting Assessment ̈ Flood Risk Assessment ̈ Foul Drainage Assessment ̈ Heritage Statement ̈ Heads of Terms Pro Forma (S.106 Agreement) ̈ Landscape Assessment ̈ Materials Schedule ̈ Marketing and Viability Assessment ̈ Noise Impact Assessment ̈ Planning Statement ̈ Planting/landscaping Scheme ̈ Retail and Leisure Impact Assessment ̈ Statement of Community Involvement ̈ Structural Survey ̈ Surface Water Drainage Scheme ̈ Telecommunications Statement ̈ Transport Assessment/Statement/Travel Plan ̈ Tree and Hedgerow Survey ̈ Utilities Statement ̈ Ventilation/Extraction Report As are looking for the quickest most effective route to maximise the value of the land.... which is probably only going to be £100k max, the above list seemed quite extensive. Would SOME matters reserved be applicable for us, or should we go for ALL? Thank you all.
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