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E7 / E10 Meter.

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I'm looking at getting my supply cables to get power from my Cabinet to a temp supply for a static and house / Pods. The cabinet is staying. So meter will be in there.  I got to thinking about the meter.

Can some one please confirm, that the meter will only need 1 supply (L&N) for both tariffs, and that the new dual tariff meters takes care of the different times.

From the cut out / Isolator I will have a Switch Fuse, then planning on running a 6mm SWA to power the pods, and a 25mm SWA to the House. just want to make sure I don't need to run 2 L conductors (4 core cable)

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Generally the answer now is install a smart meter and this indeed only has a single L+N outlet. (assuming single phase!)


A separate question is do you intend to turn on and off loads based on time of day/ economy times? If so you need separate timer (or more advanced control logic) for that but you can put that near the load it it's more convenient.


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