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Restore DPM /DPC


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New build in progress.


Ground floor: Hardcore / Blinding / DPM turned up at walls, lapped to DPC at finished floor level / concrete slab / 
160 to 180mm from concrete slab to original DPC/finished floor level. To be added - 100mm Celotex / polythene / liquid screed / floor covering


Internal block walls go down to foundations. Unfortunately builder did not leave out any blocks at internal door thresholds. Later, a layer of internal blocks was knocked out at door thresholds, destroying the DPM/DPC.

Qu: How to restore the integrity of the DPM/DPC? How to seal any solution to the concrete slab, so that moisture remains below the solution?

Builder says just lay down a meter wide strip of polythene DPM at thresholds, nothing else needed. No sealing or lapping of the polythene to anything.

We fear damp might track across to the skirting boards and rise up the walls.

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