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Chimney breast removal up to stack


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1 hour ago, Lesley72 said:

Hi we received a price of £7800 for removal of two chimney breasts and fitting gallow brackets & making good,  from a bungalow in the North East. Is this the going rate at the moment ?  

It's a bit difficult to comment without knowing a bit more detail. Extent of the removal...

Extent of the making good...



Ceiling works 


and so on, although it's always worth getting a couple of prices for comparison.





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The plastering will be 1700wide by 2600 high for each chimney.

Ceiling plaster will be 1700 x 250mm for each chimney.

Decorating and Carpets weren't included in the price.

We were just quoted for a weeks work to remove both chimney, grab man collection of bricks, 2 gallow brackets, plaster and skirting board. 

We will be getting other quotes but just thought I'd ask if £7800k is the going rate at the moment. 


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You’ll also need building control approval and they may not like gallows so worth finding out beforehand. Good advice here 




It seems a bit steep to me to be honest, that’s not exactly a big job and if it’s patching the plaster and the ceiling I would say £3k at most, with £200 for the waste collection. 

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