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Metal v Clay tiles roof & construction implications


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There's a longer backgound story to this to do with embodied carbon - but keeping it simple....

We are contemplating alternative roofing materials for our new build and need to know if/what the impact on the design of the construction of footings and structure will be if we have to use tiles over our choice of seamed metal.

The metal roof covering weighs about 2 tons the tiled roof more like 22 tons. We are planning to use a timberframe construction too.

Do we need beefier footings = more concrete and beefier timberframe = more timber?

At this stage we'd prefer not to pay a structural engineer to actually work it all out as the design is still a bit fluid and hope we can get an idea from yourgoodselves!

Comments gratefully received. thank you

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Very unlikely to make a difference IMO. The structure and foundations are designed to resist a number of other stresses and strains. Considering distribution of roof over the structure, loading is quite low even with tiles. More weight actually helps to reduce wind lift. Still needs confirming by a SE once you have decided.

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