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door bell camera - help!


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Hi All,


I wondered if you could help.


After months of waiting for the installation of a door bell camera (the guy was recommended to me), he never kept me informed and I would constantly have to ask for updates, or wait an age for quotes (not sure why as it is his business, you would think he would know how much it would cost to install his product). Anyway, I digress, I asked him what colours they come in, and he didn't even know the answer to that question, saying there were light and dark colours, I asked for the dark colour, only for him to say they only have the light colour.


Is it possible to colour the doorbell shell in a dark colour? and how can I do this? get a plastic specific paint/spray?

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First you need to figure out what brand you're getting and share that.  

If you use Nest/Google products (inc Android, Home Hub, "OK Google" etc) then the Nest Hello is probably best.

Otherwise most people go for Ring.


Or if you like to avoid big tech / cloud dependency and like to DIY this stuff (sounds like that's a strong No here, but for completeness for future readers' benefit) I can reservedly recommend the "Amcrest 1080P Video Doorbell Camera Pro". (There's also even more niche options like Doorbird and Ubiquiti, but I'll ignore those for now)


Once you know the brand, you can research the colours they come in.


From a quick search I think the answer is approximately "They all have a choice of Black or silver/aluminium, the Nest Hello also has the option of White"


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