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Gable end Render versus restoring brickwork


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Here I am again with more questions about my gable end.


Its a period end terrace that is currently rendered ( but badly with cement and sand mortar that needs to come off) I have removed a portion of render already and the brickwork in this area doesn’t look too bad


My questions are 

- how much would you expect someone to charge to remove the old render per m2 ( aside of scaffold and tool/skip requirements )


- and if the brickwork doesn’t look too bad beneath it, would I be a fool to restore the brick/ pointing/ mortar instead of replacing the render and is this likely to cost more or less than re rendering? 






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I don’t think your house was originally end of terrace,& as such your now ‘Gable’ wall would’ve been a ‘party’ wall,built to a lower standard of accuracy as it would’ve been plastered (I believe the Victorians gave a lot of party wall work to the apprentices to give them experience.) 

Its entirely possible that once the render is removed you have nice,rustic looking brickwork underneath but be prepared for that not to be the case. Also likely that the fireplaces you will expose are just filled with common brickwork or blocks. 

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As above. I'd have a look on some old maps perhaps, to see if you used to have two next door neighbours rather than one.  'Render for a reason' were my builders words of wisdom when we did a renovation job. If the brickwork was all in decent order, it's unlikely anyone would go to the expense of rendering it. If the render is coming off anyway, you can make the call when you see what's left behind.  The bit you've taken off looks like it was just done for continuity between gable end and garden wall tbh.

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