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Gas meter and boiler move


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Just to be really clear I will not be doing any of the work mentioned below. This will all be carried out by Gas Safe Engineers.


We're in the process of buying a property which is a bit of a doer upper. One room houses the gas meter and boiler and we are keen on moving both of these to turn the room into a bedroom regardless of whether regulations state they are safe in a bedroom. 


As we don't currently have access to the property to show round plumbers would like some advice on whether my ideas make sense or are completely nuts.


The gas meter is currently in the middle of an internal wall behind which is a small garden facing on to the street seen in the picture below.





The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 state:
Protection against damage
7.1 Any person installing a gas fitting shall ensure that it is properly supported and so placed or protected as to avoid any undue risk of damage to the fitting.


In my mind the meter in its current location is in breach of this regulation as whilst against the wall is protruding into the room and could be easily knocked. We are looking at having this moved to a external meter cupboard.


Looking externally this is a move of approx 2.3m




But if looked at internally this would be a move of around 1.78m.




So the first question is can a Gas Safe engineer move this meter or would it need to be the current supplier?

Taking a punt on saving money is there any chance I am correct that the current install is dangerous and that I could magically get this done free of charge?


Next question is how will the gas pipe from the new meter location enter the property? Is under ground level (as you can with mains water acceptable) with the correct sleeving? Would this use TracPipe or similar? Or would it need to enter the building above ground level above the DPC?


I ask about entering the building as I already need to dig a trench/pit where the proposed new meter will be for other services so thinking of the neatest solution. Also planning on moving the boiler from this room to a detached garage ~1.3m away from the main building so this will already require buried gas pipework.  










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37 minutes ago, TonyT said:

Only the gas network operator can work on the supply side of the meter.


then it’s over to the gas safe engineer to do the customer side of the meter.


Many thanks Tony. So gas supplier rather than gas transporter in this instance if I can do the whole move under the floor and through the external wall?


And presumably gas transporter if the move needed to be done externally digging up the pavement to route the pipe externally?

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A bit more research on this. Reading the HSE document Safety in the installation and use of gas systems and appliances here:


I note Regulation 19(2)–(6) paragraphs 5


(5) No person shall install any installation pipework or any service pipework under the foundations of a building or in the ground under the base of a wall or footings unless adequate steps are taken to prevent damage to the installation pipework or service pipework in the event of the movement of those structures or the ground.


Which suggests the pipework could be joined to the existing incoming supply pipe using TracPipe, routed under the floorboards, exit the wall on the opposite side of the room and connected to the new meter cupboard on the external wall. Any regulations people are aware of that would prohibit this?


I would like to be well armed before speaking with the gas supplier to move the meter as they will inevitably suggest metal pipework clipped to the exterior wall. This is a listed building so something like that visual from the outside is never going to cut it with the conservation officer. 



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