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Although members here have tried to set me on the right path and divert my "unhealthy" interest in PVT, it remains alluring and is still on my radar.
A Dutch company, Triple Solar, have been supplying PVT panels for heat pumps for some time (over 1000 installations I think), and have recently launched their own dedicated heat pump: . They claim an SPF of 5.6 for space heating and 3.8 for DHW. As an alternative to digging up the garden for ground source, this seems to be very attractive.
They don't yet have a distributor in the UK, but I will do more research and post anything I find which might be interesting.
If anyone has observations at this early stage I would, of course be delighted to read them...

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 system looks interesting ,but 28k for a normal  sized 3 bed  modern house seems expensive .

but please post again if uk agent appears 

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