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  1. Thanks guys, this is great, real life, information now steering me in the right direction ~ exactly why I chose to join the forum!
  2. Much research still to do but.. (and of course relying upon the accuracy of material I have found available/advice received).. PV-T panels run cooler, and therefore PV more efficient I can cope with just one or two rads in the house Glass foam granulate raft, possibly with cork/lime screed (UFH could sit on top of this of course, if needed) This is the first negative I've heard regarding Magic Box/Energie type systems.. Thanks for comments
  3. Thanks for your comments gentlemen, particularly useful @Jeremy Harristo learn about Spring/Autumn overheating and Sage Glass, although we are not planning to have large expanses of glass which could well be a short-lived fashion. This is clearly a complex subject which requires much thought and research. At this early stage my wall/roof build-up is showing about 0.105 W/(m2K). Agree that all panels should be steeply sloped for winter sun angle. Whilst solar thermal is attractive on paper, particularly in PV-T format which provides more efficient PV, I accept it is flawed (my brother who works for Honeywell was called to a property where the pump had failed and steam was being emitted from several locations!). DHW and space heating could be supplied from a single source, and I know of systems where the hot flows through the DH cylinder to the central heating rads, so DHW is always prioritised. Potentially this could work with low temperature hot, it just needs to be designed properly. I'm not convinced about UFH in a passive house, which seems like a sledgehammer to crack a nut when a couple of low temperature radiators in strategic locations should be adequate? (also I'm not planning to have a concrete floor slab). I also quite like the sound of Magic Box thermodynamic "solar" panels, which I suppose are just simple heat pumps with some solar capture. Simplicity seems to be the byword for this product, with little maintenance requirement. It seems these are only used for DHW, but I wonder if they could be used for space heating when the demand will be small. But presumably they don't offer a reverse cycle mode to deal with cooling requirements. More research needed!
  4. I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but here goes... I'm planning a Passivhaus and I'm giving thought to DHW and (occasional) space heating which even super-insulated houses will need in the depths of winter. Because the space heating requirements of passive houses should be quite small it would seem to me most sensible to deliver this via warm air through the MVHR system. There are proprietary "Heat Pump Ventilation" systems such as Genvex and Ecocent which appear to use the warm ventilation exhaust as the heat source for the heat pump. These seem to also offer provision for DHW, but I have not found much information about them on-line, and I am sceptical about this as a solution. Because we will install PV anyway, a better heat source to my mind would be solar thermal via PV-T combined panels. On most days this would produce adequate quantities of hot water for DH, and with a buffer tank this should also provide a source for a heat pump, if such a thing as a water to air heat pump is available? Thanks for reading and comments welcome, particularly from those who have explored solutions along these lines...