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Cutting slot for masonry hanger in old brickwork?


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I've been marking out the floor level in one of our rooms and looking at where the tangs for joist hangers will sit. Almost all of the holes will be cut close to the edges of bricks, no holes are usefully close to the mortar beds.


So far I've thought of four ways to cut the holes for the tangs.

Grinder - messy, holes will be much wider than needed.

Chain drilling and plug chisel - ok, but not the neatest of slots created. Probably break the bricks.

Armeg SDS TCT brick chisel -  never used one, but I expect a slightly neater hole that with the chain drilling. Again, probably break the bricks.

AS160 saw with plunge blades - the best solution, but I would forfeit too many pies and beer with the purchase cost.


How would you cut the slots for the hanger tangs?


A secondary question. Is it ok to resin the tangs in place rather than mortar them in?


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2 hours ago, TonyT said:

Angle grinder- use a hoover dust problem sorted.


why waste expensive resin?

Mortar will be fine

Resin is just a convenience thing. I'm already using resin to secure wall ties, so easy to use resin for hangers when I next insert ties...


52 minutes ago, PeterW said:

Hangers should be built in, not mortared in after into slots as they cannot be guaranteed to be level or secure. 

Fix a rim joist or wall plate to the wall with resin bolts and then use timber to timber hangers 

I could do that for some of the joists. A few joists be sat on brickwork where there are openings above them. I'm favouring masonry hangers for the remainder at the moment.


I've also considered pocketing. I could punch through from the other remaining room that doesn't have joists in place yet, and feed the joists in from there.

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