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Driveway design


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We have recently purchased a new house and are into process of planning a full renovation.

There is a gravel over bedrock drive that rises quite steeply from the road.
services (gas, elec, water) are laid in a trench running down the centre of the drive to the road The angle of drive has a lip that prevents some types of vehicle accessing the drive (ie lwb transits etc) as they bottom out on the lip.

We would like to rationalize the drive to make access easier,  but I am unsure about who to contact to advise us on what we can achieve and help us develop a plan.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated 

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What do you want to achieve? Are you looking to move the drive? Wanting to know how to go about getting services moved? Drainage? Sight lines? Etc.

if you can give us a bit more info and ideas, plus a photo or two I’m sure there will be more input from others.

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Thanks for your reply’s 

I want to lower the drive and the services so that it is easier to access.

So I really want someone to tell me exactly what is possible / feasible.

ive tried to take some pics but it just doesn’t capture the challenges.

I will give a civil engineer a go


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