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Have seen a scraggy maybe sheep pen or stables in an AONB. Have seen some people seem to be doing Class Q, but someone I met who is just outside the AONB and has done a class Q on a sheep pen said it would not be possible, in the AONB. What is the situation for doing them in these areas?


Other thing is, I have not seen it close up yet, looks about the size of a 2 bed bungalow and next property to it, was a small bungalow that has been extended to about 4 times it's original size, still in the AONB. Looking at it from a distance I imagine the framework is rotten, I don't know for this area but have seen that in some they make you keep the original frame and only allow within the current size of the barn?


Has water on site and was connected till recently, transformer just across the road, but I would like to go off grid anyway.


Property is right on the border of the AONB.

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