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Builder cut 4.5cm off joists due to floor level screw up


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On 24/08/2021 at 11:55, Loz said:


Thanks for reply, did forget to mention that the span is 3.8m inside the room and they have gone block width apart rather than 400mm, I just know the builder will convince SE and Buiding Inspector it is fine as has happened with other things on the build but was after a feeling if I need to stand my ground on this one as such a big job to put right or if actually is okay.


Many thanks,



Hi Loz

Stand your ground,,they have specifications to work to,,how simple can that be,,or have they done the typical guy thing of reading the instructions after the event. it happens all to often, doing the job to suit them rather than specs and the customer. I know sometimes it is difficult making a stance, trying not to be a nusiance ,,feeling though you are being too picky. if you short changed them of their specification about their price..lets say you thought hell they asked for 10k ,,i will give them 9k i can assure you they would be quick enough at pulling out the paperwork and high lighting the specification regards their price... Stand your Ground its what the specs say and what you were priced on and what you are paying for. 

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26 minutes ago, jack1962 said:

the typical guy thing of reading the instructions after the event.


As someone once said, the difference between a professional snooker player and an amateur is that the professional chalks the tip of his cue before he misses.

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