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BuildHub is a non-profit, self-funding forum, run by volunteers. We've grown steadily over the years to become the UK's largest (and certainly best!) self-building and renovation forum. 


While the unpaid contributions of our volunteer managers, administrators and moderators help reduce our running costs, we still have unavoidable direct expenses, such as software and hosting. Unusually for a forum of our size - we recently registered our 9,000th member - BuildHub does not accept sponsorship or run ads as a way of covering our outgoings.


We therefore occasionally turn to you, BuildHub's wonderful members, to ask for donations. 


If you are able to make a financial contribution at this time, it would be very much appreciated. There is no minimum or suggested donation amount, and even a small donation will have a positive impact.


Donations via PayPal can be made to the following email address. Please remember to select 'gift' or Paypal will charge fees. 




We'll post again once we've received sufficient donations to cover expenses due in the foreseeable future.


BuildHub's Treasurer, @newhome, manages our funding account. Could anyone wishing to make a donation please send her a PM with your email, username, and the amount that you have pledged so she can confirm receipt of the funds and log your donation accordingly?  All donations will be treated as confidential. 


If you can offer any skills that may assist with the support of the forum, please contact either Peter (@PeterW) or Mike (@MikeSharp01) for details about how you can help. Technical skills, such as Linux or forum software administration experience, would be particularly valued. 


Thank you, as always, for your ongoing support.

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