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1970s Bungalow in Scotland


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Hi there.

I've recently bought a 1970s build bungalow. The majority of rooms do not have trickle vents in the double-glazed windows. I've joined this hub to seek some advice and guidance on the best way to ventilate my sons' bedrooms. With doors closed at night, and 3 teenagers sharing two rooms, a lot of moisture (and smell!) is generated and I'd like them to have fresh air circulating in their rooms. 



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Simplest and no upfront cost way is to open the windows for a while every day.


Second is to install some basic background ventilators through the wall. For example:





Then if you want to spend a bit more money and you think you need additional ventilation, look at powered extract.


And then, as @SteamyTea suggested, look at single room MVHR if you have a need for good energy efficiency. I wonder where his mind has wondered with thoughts of excessive moisture/smell and internet disconnect. Worth serious consideration...?


Some thought is required when installing ventilators to ensure they work and don't over ventilate or cause unwanted draughts. This is often the reason why a lot of people think natural ventilation doesn't work and/or is energy wasteful.

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