Bungalow - Renovation/Loft Conversion

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Hi All,


I have embarked on a new project. Please help me in redesigning the bungalow. The bungalow is in a conservation area so any outside changes will have to be agreed/approved (will apply for planning permission).

We are looking to convert the loft as well as redesign the current layout. I have attached the current layout below. Total area is about 125sqm.

The aim is to have 2 main bedroom (with ensuite if possible) and 1 study/bedroom on the ground floor. Kitchen (plus utility/plant room) and two receptions. 2 bedroom and a bathroom in the loft. 

This is quite an initial stage so looking for some ideas and what should be added i.e. should I look at MVHR system, underfloor heating any thoughts on other modern electricals/gadgets to add or not to add, wood flooring or tiling etc etc.






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