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  1. Hi All, I have embarked on a new project. Please help me in redesigning the bungalow. The bungalow is in a conservation area so any outside changes will have to be agreed/approved (will apply for planning permission). We are looking to convert the loft as well as redesign the current layout. I have attached the current layout below. Total area is about 125sqm. The aim is to have 2 main bedroom (with ensuite if possible) and 1 study/bedroom on the ground floor. Kitchen (plus utility/plant room) and two receptions. 2 bedroom and a bathroom in the loft. This is quite an initial stage so looking for some ideas and what should be added i.e. should I look at MVHR system, underfloor heating any thoughts on other modern electricals/gadgets to add or not to add, wood flooring or tiling etc etc. Thanks, Shah.
  2. Thanks @Onoff So far so good. Got a quote back from a builder and £2500 per bathroom. This include stripping the old bathroom out, re-plastering, tiling to the wall and floor tiling with wet room (waterproofing etc), installing shower, wall-hung toilet and basin. Does that sound reasonable (London area). Thanks,
  3. Ah Yes. Cool. Any pointers on concealed showers or is that not good? Is this the same as listing for your shower model was ended?
  4. Great, thanks Ferdinand. Any help on selecting the thermostatic shower?
  5. Is the upstairs bathroom a wet room or does it have a shower tray like you have on the ground floor? if wet room then same tiles used where the shower will be? Thanks.
  6. Right. Read through your blog @Ferdinand very helpful information. I have almost finalised on tiles, shower screens. I have been looking at the following but probably looking for help to find a cheaper solution: I quite like the Grohe Fresh retrofit solution. As I need to get two sets so costs will add up quickly. Any other recommendations appreciated. Also any pointers for getting a thermostatic shower? anything to look out for and what is better concealed or not concealed? Thanks, Shah.
  7. This has been painful to decide. I would certainly go with matt finish but finding a tile which is non-slip and easy to clean is proving very difficult. Hence I started looking at alternatives. if the shower tray top like wedi can be used for the shower area and a matt immediately on tiles where one could dry feet to keep the slipping hazard to minimum...?
  8. Upstairs shower will be enter at the end so was thinking of 1.4m for screen. Could increase that to 1.7m. Downstairs it will be 3 walls and screen at the entrance so will be closed totally. Any recommendation for where to buy these screens? Thanks a lot
  9. @Ferdinand saviour!! Just what I needed. @Onoff There will be screen so hopefully less mess. Any recommendation on the tray former (wedi, impey etc?). Any ideas on extraction fan as downstairs toilet shower won't have a window so don't want it to be steamed/damp after use? wedi does this top ready to fit surface. Has anyone used it?
  10. Hello All, I am looking to renovate main bathroom and toilet downstairs. The aim is to add a shower in both of them and make them wet rooms. We will no longer put a bath in. Wall hung toilet and washbasins for both and tiling for floors and walls. I have been looking into Grohe for the toilet and washbasin sets (wall hung) and not sure about all the other bits i.e. shower tray/tray former, showers, tiles (most of tiles I have looked are rating at R9 which are not good for shower floors; not sure what to do), glass screens etc. Any idea on how much does it cost in labour? Thanks, Shah.
  11. Yes I had a look through the thread! At the training they recommended only support to the corners and windows, door etc but nothing for straight walls for as high as 2.5 meters which I thought would need perfect conditions. From experience I know in building perfect conditions rarely happen....
  12. Hello All, I have had the chance to attend a training at Durisol (Warrington). This was a very pleasant experience together with gaining very useful tricks and knowledge through group discussion as well as some practical training. I would welcome if members on the forum who have used the Durisol for their build share their experiences. Pros and cons of using Durisol compared to other ICF. Some initial thoughts: 1. No propping needed (I am a bit sceptical about this). 2. Wet plaster can be used inside so no need to board. Has anyone done this? 3. Because there is gap between the blocks how is the air tightness achieved? 4. As the blocks are breathable, how to stop water ingress? Render outside? What maintenance will be needed? If brick slips then will the moisture penetrate? 5. Hanging TV etc inside the house? I was told these can be hanged straight to the wall. 6. How the services voids are created. Easy to achieve? Cost comparison if anyone done with other ICF. Thanks, Shah.
  13. Thanks Peter, Yes idea is to use attic space. 25 to 30 years is a long term and I don't think anyone will be walking on the flat roof Well I am just trying to get an estimate or an idea which roof structure is easier to build and maintain as well as what are the cost implications as I like the house design.
  14. Yes I see. How complex is this roof structure and how easy is the long term maintenance for such a roof?
  15. Thank you Peter. So what do you mean 3 sided flat roof? How would that work?