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  1. Shah

    Building Plot in St Johns Wood

    Beautiful street but a pile of gold for the plot plus another pile of gold for taxman...
  2. Shah

    Durisol Training

    Yes I had a look through the thread! At the training they recommended only support to the corners and windows, door etc but nothing for straight walls for as high as 2.5 meters which I thought would need perfect conditions. From experience I know in building perfect conditions rarely happen....
  3. Hello All, I have had the chance to attend a training at Durisol (Warrington). This was a very pleasant experience together with gaining very useful tricks and knowledge through group discussion as well as some practical training. I would welcome if members on the forum who have used the Durisol for their build share their experiences. Pros and cons of using Durisol compared to other ICF. Some initial thoughts: 1. No propping needed (I am a bit sceptical about this). 2. Wet plaster can be used inside so no need to board. Has anyone done this? 3. Because there is gap between the blocks how is the air tightness achieved? 4. As the blocks are breathable, how to stop water ingress? Render outside? What maintenance will be needed? If brick slips then will the moisture penetrate? 5. Hanging TV etc inside the house? I was told these can be hanged straight to the wall. 6. How the services voids are created. Easy to achieve? Cost comparison if anyone done with other ICF. Thanks, Shah.
  4. Thanks Peter, Yes idea is to use attic space. 25 to 30 years is a long term and I don't think anyone will be walking on the flat roof Well I am just trying to get an estimate or an idea which roof structure is easier to build and maintain as well as what are the cost implications as I like the house design.
  5. Yes I see. How complex is this roof structure and how easy is the long term maintenance for such a roof?
  6. Thank you Peter. So what do you mean 3 sided flat roof? How would that work?
  7. Hello All, I have been trying to find cost for a hipped roof with gables to the front and flat at the top (middle section) with no luck. Attached some drawings. Are you able to help? Also what would be pros and cons of such a roof. Thanks, Shah.
  8. Shah

    Happy Days

    Still looking for the perfect plot which are hard to come by and where I am based cost a fortune to say the least but have kept my head up and keep searching. The knowledge gained from ebuild and buildhub will help immensely as and when we find something promising. Enjoy the sunshine and hope for the better days ahead too.
  9. I think the member was "Sulz" but cannot be 100% sure as none of the threads he started are accessible.
  10. Right, I may have the member's ID but not entirely sure as ebuild (Building Plot) threads are not available in Wayback
  11. Should've copied the PM's when we had the chance. Well I will try to go through the Wayback machine copy and see if something comes back to me.
  12. Those emails are long gone!!!
  13. Cool thank you everyone. Is there anyway I could have a look at the PMs?
  14. Well he was looking to build in an area where I was also looking at the time. So as there is a larger development for sale in the area I wanted to reach out and ask if we could join together and bid for it. The area in question is in North London.
  15. Hello All, As per the title any idea how I can track a member if he has moved to buildhub. I had some PMs with the member but unfortunately no other details were exchanged. I also don't remember his member ID!!! Thanks, Shah.