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  1. Shah

    Building Plot in St Johns Wood

    Beautiful street but a pile of gold for the plot plus another pile of gold for taxman...
  2. Shah

    Durisol Training

    Yes I had a look through the thread! At the training they recommended only support to the corners and windows, door etc but nothing for straight walls for as high as 2.5 meters which I thought would need perfect conditions. From experience I know in building perfect conditions rarely happen....
  3. Hello All, I have had the chance to attend a training at Durisol (Warrington). This was a very pleasant experience together with gaining very useful tricks and knowledge through group discussion as well as some practical training. I would welcome if members on the forum who have used the Durisol for their build share their experiences. Pros and cons of using Durisol compared to other ICF. Some initial thoughts: 1. No propping needed (I am a bit sceptical about this). 2. Wet plaster can be used inside so no need to board. Has anyone done this? 3. Because there is gap between the blocks how is the air tightness achieved? 4. As the blocks are breathable, how to stop water ingress? Render outside? What maintenance will be needed? If brick slips then will the moisture penetrate? 5. Hanging TV etc inside the house? I was told these can be hanged straight to the wall. 6. How the services voids are created. Easy to achieve? Cost comparison if anyone done with other ICF. Thanks, Shah.
  4. Thanks Peter, Yes idea is to use attic space. 25 to 30 years is a long term and I don't think anyone will be walking on the flat roof Well I am just trying to get an estimate or an idea which roof structure is easier to build and maintain as well as what are the cost implications as I like the house design.
  5. Yes I see. How complex is this roof structure and how easy is the long term maintenance for such a roof?
  6. Thank you Peter. So what do you mean 3 sided flat roof? How would that work?
  7. Hello All, I have been trying to find cost for a hipped roof with gables to the front and flat at the top (middle section) with no luck. Attached some drawings. Are you able to help? Also what would be pros and cons of such a roof. Thanks, Shah.
  8. Shah

    Self Build Mortgage Options

    I have recently called The Melton BS and Ipswich BS. Both do self build mortgages but the rates are above normal mortgages. For Halifax one will have to go through a broker to get a self build mortgage. Both Melton and Ipswich said they would lend based on the affordability criteria which it seemed is similar to what a normal high street bank would do. In your example the total cost is £370k. You have £70k deposit so if you can afford a mortgage of £300k then they will be happy to lend otherwise if there is a difference between the Deposit + Mortgage and Total Build cost then you would need to bridge that gap somehow. I hope this helps. Shah.
  9. Shah

    Plot with positve pre app advice

    Good point Temp. I really like the area and the possibility of designing our own house (just cannot get in London unless one has £ millions).
  10. Shah

    Plot with positve pre app advice

    The area in question is on a hill so I believe "Critical drainage area" is referring to the surface water after the rain etc. Although this doesn't mean the plot will be flooded as it is quite high up on the hill. Thanks Temp. Very useful. Well it's been on the Market since February 2018 with buyers interested in either the house or the plot but not as whole (due to large SDLT). I am not in a position to buy the house as a whole (beyond my budget). It is overpriced as I calculated it comes around nearly £9,400 per sq. m compared to area average of around £7,000. Although yesterday evening the vendor said they are considering an offer on the house as a whole!!! so maybe, once again I won't be getting no where
  11. Shah

    Plot with positve pre app advice

    Cool. another point added to the list
  12. Shah

    Plot with positve pre app advice

    Very useful. Will write down each point on a A4 page and will go through points. The vendor wanted to sell the house and plot together (basically large house with very large garden) but finding it hard to find a buyer to commit to both. I will find out more in the coming days. What about a contract with some sort of overage rights i.e. when I build the house based on the house price I pay them?
  13. Shah

    Plot with positve pre app advice

    One other thing I know is that this plot comes under the critical drainage area. Would this be a reason for concern. The plot is quite near the top of the hill so I don't expect flooding....
  14. Shah

    Plot with positve pre app advice

    The plot is fully price in this situation and I am just trying to get a better price! That is unfortunate. I will look into these matters in details. I will make a list and go through point by point.
  15. Shah

    Plot with positve pre app advice

    Thank you All. Short answer is no. The agent asking for 1/3 the price of build house which to my calculations is higher than what the market is for such an house in the area. I can answer some of them right now: This would be an infill plot so foul drain would be available but I will check to confirm. I have already gone through Rightmove/Zoopla for house sales/estimate values based on their sq. m value and reworked how much the new build would be. There is not much price difference if built to a good standard the house will probably save some money but not a lot. Good point will do this weekend as well as during week. No TPOs Will Do! Will Do Will Do I was thinking of this but haven't asked the vendor. This is also in my mind. I am not sure but as the price of the plot(s) is about what it would sell with planning so vendor isn't losing out. This plot is part of the bigger house which has a large garden. The infill is in the garden which has access from a side road. Yes. So no CIL. These are very good points. Will research about them. The plot(s) is part of a bigger house which is on sale but buyers are either after the house or the plots not as a whole (SDLT reasons). So they are splitting the two parts. Carving out a part of the garden which could have one large detached house or two small 3 bed detached houses with small gardens (10m length).