Fire regs for loft access?

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In my garage we made a small loft area above the garage floor and put a loft access hatch in to access. I remember the builders saying something about the access having to be fire rated to stop fire moving up into the roof rafters (my house is single story).


My house is vaulted ceilings throughout except for one room - our en-suite. I've made this a flat ceiling and made a small loft space above which is accessible through the wall of the adjoining bedroom. The 'ceiling' of this loft area has not been plasterboarded and is currently showing the AVCL membrane. 


Do you know if I have to make the access door (which is an odd shape due to the sloped ceiling) firepoof? If so any ideas how I could do this? I was just going to make a plywood door on hinges as this area will be hidden from with a built in wardrobe.




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A garage is considered a fire risk so both walls and ceiling must be designed to prevent fire spread to the house. For example when there is a bedroom above a garage the floor/ceiling between the two gets special attention (two layers of plasterboard i think?).


Its different between a room and a loft in the house. I don't think that needs any special treatment.

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