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First timer self build!


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Hello all, 


I am just starting my journey to a self build. I have been lucky enough to be gifted some land to build on. I am doing a lot of reading up to learn as much as I can before we start the whole journey. I am going to speak to a solicitor aswell, but just wanted to get as much advice as possible from you. 

A few questions I have are; 

1) to mortgage against the new build does the land have to be changed on the land registry first? 

2) is there any tax I will be liable for? We will be living in the main property throughout the build and are planning to live in the property when built. 
3) is there anyway to be in contact with the council reference planning prior to the application? 
4) Has anyone got any advice from there experience that they can pass on. 

Thank you for any help and advice you offer. 

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Hi, welcome.


I am sure you will have lots of questions : thats why we have lots of sub-sections in the  forum - its best to ask questions in the relevant forum because it helps people make sense of tha mass of information there is.

To answer some of your questions here quickly:

  • if the land is not identifiably yours, you won't get a mortgage on it - so get it changed to yours on the land registry
  • tax liability -- hmm, in relation to what ?
  • ring your planning office and ask.

In general, it is advisable to appoint a planner to work for you. It is also essential that in everything you do in relation to the build that you follow a due diligence process, without fail. We're not experts who have the relevant PPI, just interested, helpful amateurs. ( Apart from @Onoff who knows everything ?.)

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