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Build cost increase over time


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2 minutes ago, gavztheouch said:

Would like to think it will come back down some way in price once the vaccine is deployed.  You could even argue factories should have priority after the top priority groups have been vaccinated. Would help keep supply consistent. Currently sitting on savings of 150k watching it get eroded by quite extreme price inflation. 

Past experience would tell me you wont see any decrease in prices anytime soon apart from maybe steel will settle when chineese supplys settle the market but for the general material i think we are in for incremental increase for the next 2 years or so barring a recession

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36 minutes ago, Raine said:


@Ronan 1 - you said you've been notified of price increases averaging 6% (other than steel) - would you say this is fairly typical of recent years, or is this year exceptional?


A bit above and isolated from the usual reason of inflation. So that's why I am now pricing future increases into future long term tenders .

Talking to some of our bigger suppliers they are also of the opinion that there will be probably 3%+ to come this year

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