Lidl Smart lamp V Hive

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I have a Hive thermostat in my house. I was in Lidl today and noticed they were selling Smart lamps that used Zigbee so thought it was a £9.99 chance and bought one as I thought Hive used Zigbee as well.

Got home and tried to pair the lamp to my Hive system using my Phone App, couldn’t get it to see it.

Anybody else tried this, am I being stupid and doing something wrong, or is it just not compatible?


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Hi. I have paired some lamps & the plug switches and they work fine on my Philips Hue system as that’s Zigbee too.

You will need to buy the Silvercrest Smart Home Gateway for £19.99 in order to create a system to pair your lamp(s) to, as the Hive thermostat provide this itself.


It is an expense but the Lidl kit is cheap for a decent system in my opinion, especially compared to Philips Hue.


My only issue is I bought a Lidl smart light fitting too & the remote control that came with it won’t pair properly but I can live without it. 

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