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Would be grateful for any opinions on my estimated costs


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75m2 ICF bungalow in Scotland.


Groundworks/Foundation - 10k

ICF Walls and Brick/Rendered Outer Leaf - 20k

Windows&Doors - 3k 

Roof - £5k

Electricity Connection - £1k

Water Connection & Drainage - £2k 

Plumbing (Kitchen + 2 wcs) - £1k

Electric sockets, fuse box, lights etc - £3k

Electric Underfloor heating - £2k

Vent System - £1k

Plasterboards, internal doors and Ceilings - £5k

Architect - £2k

Structural Warranty - £2k 

Building Insurance - £2k

Landscaping - £4k



Do you think the estimates are accurate?

 Will be looking to employ main contractor, ideally to do the first 4 things above, and then tradesmen for the rest.


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There is a very similar thread just posted here.




The general consensus is to assume £1500 a square metre unless you are doing a lot of work yourself. I would say that especially goes on a bungalow which has more roof and foundation relative to its size than other houses, offset by some savings from an easier build, no cranes etc.


You don't seem to have allowed for the bathrooms and kitchen, just plumbing. So that will be £10-15k right there.


Your number for the roof seems low, assuming it includes building the roof, insulating and tiling it. Depends how it is built up. 


You will need a hot water system of some sort so a combination boiler or tank as well as connections to the kitchen and WCs. Nearer to £3000.


Guttering, downpipes, soffits, fascias etc.


If the inside perimeter is 9x8, you will have 82 square metres of plasterboard on the outside walls, plus 75sq metres of ceiling, plus as much again for partition walls, so 2-250 square metres of plasterboard. That is about £20 a square metre fitted and taped and filled or skimmed. 8 doors at £300 a door plus facings, skirtings etc. So maybe nearer £8k, plus £1k for painting. Plus the cost of the studwork.


Flooring - £2-5k depending on carpets or hard floors.


Windows depends a lot on the spec, that is at the low end.


Other numbers seem fine, it is just that you have missed quite a lot of items, or maybe you didn't intend to include them as part of this estimate.


All this gets you up to £90k ish which seems a more reasonable minimum estimate.

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