Rennovation and roof conversion of a 60's bungalow

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After lurking for a long time I thought I'd bite the bullet and join.

Hopefully I'll be able to pick your brains and expertise over the next year or so that the works will take to fully plan and start.

The project itself is a loft conversion - we need to raise the ridge height to achieve this, planning has gone in and likely to pass. The house is a detached 60s ish bungalow in in deepest darkest coastal Cumbria. 

But as well as the loft conversion we are looking to increase the efficiency of the house all round. So we'll be putting insulation under the suspended floors, 150mm of EWI and plenty in the new roof.

If the budget allows we want to put new window's in too.

For all that I'd love to do as much as I can, the boss has said I've got to get people who know what they're doing to do most of the work! 

So you'll have plenty of posts from me in the near future!

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