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Self-build on Family Farm

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Hello – total newbie here please be kind!

I’m looking for advice, articles and past experience when it comes to getting planning permission on agricultural land and/or purchasing land from family.

The land in question is a small segment of a much larger 30+ acre agricultural land used for cattle, residing directly next to a property that was built for my family in the 80’s, which gives me hope on getting planning permission on my own build.

I’m not really sure where to start and the costs involved so any help would be appreciated! 

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You may not need to pay him that much initially. I would ask one to quote to come look at the site and give their opinion on your chances of getting planning permission. Depending on what they say you could hire them to do more work on an application.


It might help him if you request a copy of the title plan from the Land Registry website (you need to register but It only costs £3 and they send it by email  https://www.gov.uk/search-property-information-land-registry  ) markup where you want to build. You might also try getting a copy of the planning file for your family house approved in the 1980s (although there have been a lot of policy changes since then). In my area you would have to look up the planning reference number online and then request an appointment to see the paper files as they may not be available online. Look for any reports the planning officer wrote to the planning committee or letters of advice or reasoning from the planning officer to the land owner. Some of those arguments may still apply.


Do you have any buildings that could be converted or converted and enlarged? That might improve your chances.






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Thanks, look around for a planning consultant and dig into the title plan & history/planning file of the other property!

Unfortunately, there are no buildings which can be converted on this particular bit of land. All the nice granite buildings at the main farm are being sold off as a bundle and I don’t have the capital to afford them.

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