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190 mm solid block price walled?

Byron Littlefair

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Hi, I’ve just been asked to price a job up in an industrial unit which consists mostly of 190 mm solid blocks (22 newtons) and that is the type and size of block which has been stipulated must be used. I was just wondering if anyone has any recent experience of walling these and knows an estimate price that I should be charging the customer for them walled per m2 as I haven’t come across this type of size block before?   

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I’m a brickie my self mate and I don’t fancy walling them tbh either. I will ask the question of if they are legal or not. The size of them seem a bit overkill to me. If that’s what’s stipulated and they are legal any one laying them wants a hell of price for them due to the shear size of them, back breaking stuff. Thanks for your comments anyway. 

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